The professional global passive components supplier.



wiranWiRan is a comprehensive RF technologies solutions provider, have most modern EDA 3D software and hardware like vector network analysers, microwave signal generators, spectrum analyzer, power meter and easy reconfigurable passive intermodulation measurement set PIM for GSM, DSC and UMTS bands.

smcSMC was established in 1958 and initially specialised in antenna support masts, towers and HF antennas.

tactronTACTRON electronics represents leading manufacturers in the areas of high-frequency, microwave and system technology.

Ascotech Electronics Ltd. provides high quality RF/Microwave Connectors, Character LCD Modules, COG LCD Modules, Segment LCD Module, STN LCD Modules, TFT-.


teslab20 years of experience in the Teslab laboratory is able to accompany you in full and professional manner during all phases of the qualification process of your products: the identification of the applicable rules, the planned test run, until the construction of the technical dossier.

ITELITEL is a fast growing company established by a group of professionals with a passion for business and winning.  OSS Solutions, GSM Repeaters / Coverage Enchancement Solution, RF Planning and Optimization, Antenna Solution, Test and Measurement Solution